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My Child Is Shy - Is This A Good Idea For Them?

These classes are a great way to introduce both budding young performers and shyer children to the wonderful world of musical theatre and all pupils get the chance to perform in mini-shows every other term.

Over the years we have seen many shy children blossom into confident and self-assured young people through taking part in theatrical activities. This can have a very positive knock-on effect on participation at school. 

Will My Son Enjoy The Classes?

Yes!! We have created these classes to appeal equally to boys and girls and are always delighted to have plenty of boys in our classes. The classes are physical and fast paced which appeals greatly to our boys. They are also a brilliant way to improve listening and responding skills and aid creativity.

Does My Child Need A Special Uniform?

Yes. In order that we all look smart and can dance safely all students must wear an STA T-Shirt with black trousers/leggings and jazz shoes.

How Do I Join?

Just drop us a line on our Contact page and we’ll get back to you with latest class availability. We recommend joining at the start of a term in order for your child to get the most out of the class.

Please see our Timetable for latest class info.